Oya: Our Muse

Oya, the muse of our souls, a celestial spirit, a guiding star of boundless inspiration. She reigns over the winds of transformation and the forge of innovation. Orisha, our goddess who takes strength where she finds it and makes it her own. In her honor, our designs shine with brilliance, adorned with carbon-neutral, lab-grown diamonds, created with the power of the wind and sun. We believe true luxury is renewable and sustainable. So tomorrow can be as bright as today.

We harness Oya’s wisdom to transform fine jewelry into wearable art, breaking new ground where collaborations with visionaries, designers, and creatives from every stripe converge. Creating personal style that expresses your inner self and withstands the passage of time. We make each piece only for you, the way you want it, in the precious metal that makes you feel most yourself. Our jewelry supports artists, communities, the natural world, and all the hands that make it. It’s designed to be worn every day as a second skin, making every day a memory and celebrating your own creativity.

Who We Are

We are Oya Labs. We are community. We are collaboration. We are connection. We transcend categories, embracing nature and technology. Art and fashion. Grounded by the elements, timeless symbols, and the natural world, we celebrate our human heritage while looking towards the future. We create fine jewelry with meaning and intention that is designed to hold the energy of your story and pass it down to the next generation.

Make our jewelry your canvas. Your unique language and a testament to your legacy. Together, we can shape a world of beauty and unity. 

Our Mission

Oya Labs mission is to honor our heritage, community, and the natural world through the creation of jewelry inspired by the spirit of Oya Orisha.

We collaborate with a sustainable lab-grown diamond company ot produce authentic, environmentally responsible, and ethically crafted pieces.

Our jewelry not only reflects the individuality of each wearer, but also their deep connection ot our shared heritage and the profound beauty of nature We believe in fostering a sense of community and unity by inviting fellow artists, creatives, and designers to join us on this creative journey, making OYA LABS a true celebration of artistry and unity.