Oya Labs x Tara Subkoff x LAFW 2023

Oya Labs x Imitation of Christ

Wear your gratitude with the Ho’oponopono Mantra, a traditional forgiveness prayer in the Hawaiian language: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” A portion of the proceeds from this collection will support victims of the Maui wildfires and Doctors without Borders. 


“I have repeated this simple prayer many times, in times of deep fear or when a traumatic event is happening. Often I say it putting my daughter to sleep to heal myself and her and any confusion that arose that day. May this simple forgiveness prayer heal and help you individually and collectively. Sending love and support to you all in these very confusing times.” – Tara Subkoff 

About: Tara Subkoff

Tara Subkoff is an American artist, actress, and fashion designer known for her contributions to the worlds of fashion and film. She was born on December 10, 1972, in Westport, Connecticut, USA. Subkoff gained prominence in the 1990s as a designer and co-founder of the fashion label "Imitation of Christ," which challenged industry norms by creating sustainable and avant-garde fashion pieces.

In addition to her fashion endeavors, Tara Subkoff has established herself as a multifaceted artist and actress. She has appeared in various films, including roles in movies like "The Last Days of Disco" and "American Psycho." Her artistic work extends beyond the silver screen, encompassing a wide range of mediums, such as painting and installation art.

Tara Subkoff's creative endeavors often blur the lines between art, fashion, and cinema, making her a notable figure in the intersection of these industries. Her innovative and thought-provoking work continues to leave a mark on the worlds of art and fashion.

Featured Pieces

OYA x Imitation Of Christ Collection

Wear your gratitude with the Ho’oponopono Mantra, a traditional forgiveness prayer in...